A) Consultations
1) Obstetrics and Gynaecology
2) Well women Screening
3) Menopause
4) Sub fertility
5) IVF
6) Gender Reasignment
  B) High -Level Ultrasound Scans (with Colour and Doppler)
1) Nuchal Translucency Scan
2) Early Fetal abnormality and Genetic scan and with Fetal echocardiography at 14 weeks
3) Genetic Ultrasound as an alternative to Amniocentesis in prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal aberration (e.g.; Downs Syndrome)
4) Fetal well being assessment (Growth, Biophysical profile Detail Fetal Doppler and M.Mode studies)
5) Assessment of multiple pregnancies
6) 3D Reconstruction of Fetus
7) Abdominal and Trans-vaginal pelvic scan with colour and Doppler studies, in early pregnancy complications (e.g. ectopic pregnancy), ovarian screening, assessment of pelvic masses, sub fertility, menstrual disorder and gynae - urology
C) Procedures
1) Early Amniocentesis for fetal Karyotyping at 14weeks with result being ready within 12days.(Optional FISH and PCR)
2) Chorionic villus Sampling (Karyotype, Gene mapping)
3) Fetal Blood Sampling
4) Fetal Tissue Biopsy
5) Intrauterine Fetal Surgery and therapy


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